NotifyNYLS is a tool New York Law School uses to communicate urgent information to the Law School community about emergency situations that require immediate action, unscheduled campus closings, delays, or early dismissals.  Don’t be left out of the loop during an emergency, update your contact information to receive email, phone, and text message alerts! Noted below are instructions which describe how to review and update contact information:


  1. Click the “Sign Me Up!” button.
  2. Provide your name, your NYLS email address (nylsusername@nyls.edu) and a password.
  3. Check for the confirmation email.
  4. Almost done! Use your newly created username and password to login to complete your registration.
  5. Associate your account by providing your identification code (number below the bar code on the back of your NYLS OneCard) and your NYLS email address (nylsusername@nyls.edu).


Need Help?

For assistance with registration or if you have never received notifications before from NotifyNYLS please email notify@nyls.edu for assistance.